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How To Make Your Home Summer Ready

Is your luxury San Mateo apartment in need of a summer makeover? If you’re like most, your apartment living space reflects your current needs. In California, that may mean having decor and furniture that allows us to escape the cool weather that persists throughout the fall and spring. However, once summer comes, you’ll want to go out and enjoy community-living activities. Make sure that your home is a comfortable place to be when the summer heat becomes too much for outside activities. If you can relate to the above, let’s try some ways to make your home summer-ready.

Storing Winter and Spring Items, Bringing Out Summer Essentials

Winter and spring items not only make you hotter, but they can make things seem duller. No one wants to sit around a bunch of grey, black, or brown colors during the summer or spend time on fabrics that quickly heat up. Take all of these things (clothing too), and find a place for them until they’re necessary to bring out again. Summer essentials may encompass chair covers to protect your furniture from sweat, heavier blackout curtains to keep out the sun when needed (and sheer curtains underneath to enjoy the natural light), and brighter decor that makes you feel happier and more in tune with the season.

Shop Local

The best way to decorate your home for the summer is to support local businesses. This way, you will find exactly what you want and not have to travel far to get there. California’s mix of eclectic styles means that you have no shortage of shops to visit to find the right furniture and decor, with some of the top suggestions being House of ValuesAna Furniture, and Gallery 33.

Be Warm Weather Ready This Season!

Don’t let the heat catch up with you. Get ready with the guide above. The sooner you start remaking your home, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy the summer and not have to worry about handling all of this once the weather becomes too hot!

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